Bilingual Self-Defense Clinic

We will be offering a workshop broken up into 3 two-hour classes. Each session will include a facilitated group discussion about safety and also a physical self-defense
segment led by instructors. WeÕll be providing food, child care, and simultaneous interpretation (English and Spanish). We will have a Òcare teamÓ that will focus on providing peer support if needed. This team will include community members who practice herbalism, acupuncture, social work, mental health care, and domestic-violence prevention. This project as a direct response to feeling the increased threat of violence toward our communities. In Asheville, we currently donÕt have any affordable self-defense classes where our experiences are centered. We hope to reduce barriers to access this crucial need of keeping our bodies and minds safe in the face of this threatening future. We believe that learning self-defense will create a baseline of safety and self trust to keep oneÕs head high in the streets of WNC.