Chloe Stuber is the outgoing Southern Equality Fund Director with the Campaign for Southern Equality (CSE) and has been active in social justice efforts in North Carolina and across the South since 2007. When Chloe joined the CSE team in 2013, she brought years of experience providing a broad range of support to a variety of organizations and groups across North Carolina through her work with the Center for Participatory Change and Hispanics in Philanthropy. Currently, she continues to provide support to groups across the South through the Southern Equality Fund, a grassroots grantmaking initiative designed to direct resources to LGTBQ grassroots groups and leaders who are underresourced or isolated due to geography of demographics. In all of her work, she is committed to uplifting and elevating the voices of those directly affected, and supporting their leadership and vision for change. Popular education, feminism and anti-racism shape Chloe’s core values in her work, personal and community life. She holds a BA in Social Work from Warren Wilson College, a Non-Profit Management Certification from Duke University Continuing Studies and is fluent in Spanish. She currently lives in Charleston, SC with her partner José and their cat Billie and dog Mahtli.

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