Cecilia Sáenz Becerra is a Mexican immigrant, queer, Xicana, ¡y desmadrosa! Somewhere between growing up undocumented in Phoenix, AZ combined with seeing her parents struggle to work three jobs between them– the catalyst for her politicization was born. What started as high school activism, evolved into a commitment of working alongside and centering people most affected by state violence, class, and racism – for their liberation and hers.

Cecilia has grassroots, community organizing, and coalition building experience on various issues and campaigns, including immigration justice, worker rights, education, economic justice, and anti-police brutality work. She’s has been living in Atlanta for six years, where she provides support, strategy and technical assistance to front-line advocates and grassroots organizers across the country who exist along a varied spectrum of reproductive rights and reproductive justice politics. She is also a Board Member of a reproductive justice and sexual health organization that focuses on women, particularly of African descent.

Leading up to this day, Cecilia is more or less: pushing, experimenting, talking/listening and learning. She enjoys pushing her physical strength and endurance with the support of QueerFit. Experimenting, curating, and creating ‘southern-mexican fixins’ on a plate with her partner for #fixinsdeamor. Being a bridge via freelance interpreting, and learning to listen to the magic of the ancestors and the power, strength, and knowledge they bring to her/our life/lives/work.

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